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Student Terms & Conditions

For Participating course with ‘Levy PMU Ltd’ you need to accept terms and conditions. By signing you are agreeing and accepting the description below.

It is the responsibility of yourself to find out what requirements are needed by your council for your treatment licence.

You will follow treatment requirements and guidelines set by Levy PMU Ltd, within and after training.

Payments and deposits are non-refundable.
Students cannot be accepted unless the full course fees has been paid or finance accepted from our provider.

Course Fees and deposits are non-transferable unless stated otherwise.

You have a 7 day cooling off period from the date of the payment of the deposit, where you are able to cancel or transfer course dates within 4 months. If you chose to cancel the deposit will be lost.

You have a 7 day cooling off period from the date you pay the deposit to cancel your course finance agreement. It can not be cancelled after 7 days.

We have the right to cancel any course venue or course.

If you decide you would like to transfer your course date a fee of £100 will be due. 

If you decide to not complete the course and do not attend the full course days you will be charged for each day attended.

The day rate will be the percentage split over the full practical course days.

You will be charged for the practical days you have attended. 

For example, The Combination Course - 3 days home theory, 3 practical days at Levy Academy

Full course price £3,500. 

£3,500 / 3 = £1,166.66 per day.

If you attend 2 days a balance of £2,333.33 will be due.

We will not be liable for other losses such as expenses and cost you may have incurred but not limited to travel costs, wages and loss of earnings.

When we cancel a course for any reason we will attempt to notify you as soon as possible by writing, by telephone or email.

You agree and acknowledge that all our course material and training prospectus and copies of such

7. Intellectual Property

7.1. All Intellectual Property Rights in the Course Materials, Online Courses and the
speeches made by trainers at the Taught remain, the intellectual property of ‘the brow
code Ltd or its licensors, whether adapted, written for or customised for the Client or

7.2. You are not authorised to:-

(i) copy, share, discuss, modify, reproduce, re-publish, sub-licence, sell, upload, broadcast, post, transmit or distribute any of the Course Materials without prior written permission;

(ii) record on video or audio tape, relay by videophone or other means the Online Course or Taught Course given

(iii) use the Course Materials in the provision of any other course or training whether given by us or any third party trainer;

(iv) remove any copyright or other notice of Levy PMU Ltd on the Course

(v) modify, adapt, merge, translate, disassemble, decompile, reverse engineer (save to the extent permitted by law) any software forming part of the Online Courses.

We may reject you from attending our courses where we suspect that you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol without incurring any liability to you.

All course contents, their elements and fees are subject to change without any prior notice to Students at the discretion of the Academy.
Children and guests are not allowed in the venue during training. ATTENDANCE & amp; ACHIEVEMENT

> Students must have a 100% attendance

> Classes will commence promptly at the published times, irrespective of whether all students are present. Classes will not be delayed to wait for latecomers, and teachers are not responsible for repeating work missed.

> Paying for and/or attending a course fully does not guarantee qualification, diploma or certificate of achievement. Awards of achievement are gained by the successful

fulfilment of the criteria set out by Levy PMU Ltd,

The order is complete and satisfaction agreed.

Breach by you of this clause shall allow us to immediately terminate these terms and
conditions with you and cease to provide you with any Services, including but not
limited to access to the Owner.
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