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Please read the terms and conditions below before proceeding with a Booking at the bottom of this page.


By booking an appointment you agreeing to the terms and conditions published and set by Levy.

Cancellation policy 

If the appointment needs to be cancelled or changed, 20 days notice will need to be given, if it is past 20 days the deposit will be lost.



If it is prior to 20 days you will be able to transfer this once. More than once and the deposit will be lost.


All deposits are non refundable.

I am 18 years old or over.

I understand that an allergy test does not guarantee that I will not have an allergic reaction to the pigment used. If this occurs, I take full responsibility.

I understand that if I am late to my scheduled appointment, the treatment is not guaranteed and the deposit will be lost.

I will bring only myself to the appointment, other occupants are not allowed within the premises. 

I am not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

I understand Levy PMU LTD has the right to refuse treatment for any reason

I accept full responsibility for the shape and shad of the cosmetic treatment and will sign to accept on the day once I am happy with both.

I will adhere to aftercare given by Levy PMU LTD and understand if I do not follow, I may be refused as a client in the future.

I understand if I have any concerns to contact Levy PMU LTD direct.

I understand Levy PMU LTD has a no refund policy.

I understand I must contact Levy PMU Ltd, before booking an appointment if I have previous pigment. Levy PMU LTD can not work on every case and If I book without confirmation I forfeit my deposit and Levy has the right to charge 50% of the procedure price.

I understand the pigment in rare cases can darken, lighten, change colour or migrate and it is my responsibility if this occurs.

I understand one treatment may not be enough for my desired results and may have to return multiple times. Depending on my face, anatomy, skin type and colouring may result in not having 100% satisfaction.

I accept Levy PMU LTD can cancel or change my appointment time and date for any reason given and deposit will be transferred to a date and time arranged from both parties.

I confirm I agree to all the statements above within the terms and conditions set out by Levy PMU LTD.

By making payment I declare I agree to all.

Levy Pmu LTD.



Do Not Book If:

You've had previous pigment NOT completed by Levy. We need to confirm that we can work with your brows before booking. Please Contact us through our 'Contacts Form' on the bottom of our home page. Click Here or message us on Instagram

We cannot work with all previous pigment and you may be turned away.

If you do not confirm with us before booking your pigment you will be charged the deposit. 

Please send us clear photos before booking. 



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